“I don’t start verses with yo and I don’t endem’ with what.” These days rap has become singing hooks, underground has become synonymous with negative and boring, and “old school” has become cliché … the outlook for Hip Hop may seem fairly bleak. Sometimes it seems like the only thing shining in hip hop is all the jewelry on rappers. Benzito would like to say to all those who are out there rappin’ these days, “Thank You.” He first gained attention when the Wisconsin native dropped his first tape “First Priority” way back in 95’. He left off on some life journeys, but never stopped working and now isn’t looking back. Keeping his feet firmly planted in the real, Benzito’s official debut release “Long Time Coming” on LaidBack Manor/Tunawax shines as he brings thought and fun to the microphone. Now on the rise again with a sound that is designed to nod heads and move planets, Zito alias Benny PoppaDop is on a mission to make music that sounds like good music, or as Zito explains on ‘6 Million Mottos’,“I don’t start verses with yo and I don’t endem’ with what”. Long Time Coming is aptly named, having been started back in ‘99 with then Track Team partner DJ Ack, who drops the heavy funk on the album with the Ackerlude. And with production credits going to Headnodic (Crown City Rockers), RF Butter, and DJ Ack the sound is always genuine Hip Hop (no keyboard beats here). In ’07 Hip Hop is still living and shining, and Benzito is just getting warmed up. The album is out, go get it!!!